Human Design (Integral) and Prime Gifts Personal Reading

$ 85.00 $ 250.00

HUMAN DESIGN is a cutting edge tool for personal transformation and differentiation.

 Your birth chart displays the distinctive qualities you are born with, and encourages you to live  your maximum potential. Showing you how to give your deepest gifts in the world, and providing a map for the journey into your essence.

Walking down this path,  will reveal to you a Methodology which allows:

  • A relaxation into the being you are born to be • the spaciousness of your possibilities • the power of your maximum potential • a gratitude for the uniqueness of every single being, based on respect and understanding • a deep connection to all that isand Why we choose the partners we choose and how to best communicate with them.  

 In this 2 hour session   You will receive a detailed oral explanation followed by a written report which reveals your unique energetic gifts. Must provide accurate Birth time place and Date

Treat yourself or a loved one to a reading (scheduled by skype, phone or in person). Allow 24 hours for scheduling your personal reading. 

" In remembering who we really are we regain the choice, opportunity and responsibility to co-create our own evolution." Werner Pitzal