Conscious Connections * Linking Human Design Charts

$ 200.00 $ 250.00

For those interested in "Loving Conscious Relationships'

Connection Readings or Parent-Child (any age) readings- For New Relationships in Awareness or Long Term Relationships that you want to be Richer and Deeper.

Learn how to "Bloom in Synergy" with one another.

Also helpful for Conscious UnCoupling- Discover how to learn from your connection.

Find out where the attraction is, how to communicate from your most authentic self and how to honor each others differences. 

This insightful analysis represents the fusion of your combined energies, we will reveal how you can enhance your connection to each other and transform the most challenging aspects of your relationship into its greatest strengths!

Full written report or audio recording of personal reading for an additional charge of $50

Best after an individual reading.

Discount of 10% applied if individual reading has been done.