Our History

 Patricia O'Neill is an EssenceAroma Practitioner who recognized the need for people to connect with their emotions and nurture their energetic systems from a deeper place than the physical (ie:exercise, nutrition, medicines). So in 2004 in the little town of Hilo, Hawaii a Brick and Mortar Shoppe was born. This innovative and quaint Shop was called "Patricia's Transitions" an Emotional Care and WellBeing Shoppe.  After a few years and a few new locations the business grew and grew. It became apparent that there were others who wanted to share their knowledge and healing skills.

Other practitioners were added to the mix and Synergy Holistics was born. 

In 2014 the doors closed, Patricia moved to another Island and opened an office and Private Practice no longer open to the Public at large. Patricia continues to research and develop new ways to open our Hearts and our Minds to innovative tools which continue to assist the individual to achieve "Emotional Care and WellBeing". She was introduced to the Integral Human Design Methodology 3 years ago and has been living and sharing the experiment ever sense. Patricia discovered that she could find specific Flower Essences that supported the Strengths or Gifts embedded in the GeneKeys already dominant in her clients who wished to make beneficial changes to their behaviors or patterns that no longer served them. This fine tuning of Remedies led her to focus more on the Readings and spreading of this innovative Self Knowledge system. 

  "I have seen such personal growth not only in myself but also my clients. There have been so many "Ah-Ha" moments in my clients, since beginning this work. It is an Honor to be able to share this amazingly accurate eye opening System and the Gifts that Richard Rudd and Ra Uru Hu have made available through their personal journeys toward living and sharing a conscious and fulfilling life. Life is full of change and we need challenges in order to evolve as Human Beings. Learning your Design can open you to embracing and loving yourself and others in a whole new way.  As we find the Keys and utilize the tools from Nature we unlock our highest Potential which can assist all of Humanity as we do our part by  "Living Your Genius" 

Won't you join me?"- Patricia O'Neill

for more about Patricia and her offerings see http://www.synergyholistics.com