Holistic Self Knowledge

Synergy Holistics provides Products and Services which Enhance your Relationship to yourself and others. We custom blend Energetic EssenceAroma mists  which assist and support you on your Awareness path.  Through the exploration of Integral Human Design which incorporates the Human Design System (Ra Uru Hu founder) and  the information found in the GeneKeys book by Richard Rudd. Synergy Holistics uses pure Flower Essences and Essential Oils to create custom Synergy Mists which can support you on your Journey. Are you ready to Honor and Enhance the Gifts which you were born to experience and Share with the world? We recognize that life is full of challenge and change. Usually we get into trouble or dis-ease when we do not follow our Inner Wisdom or when we merely react from outer conditioned response patterns. Those patterns can be shifted once you have the Awareness and the Tools to inform and assist you. Allow Synergy Holistics to open new doors of Exploration with your Highest Good in mind.